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What does your content need?

Are you looking to create clear and accurate content that engages your ideal reader?
Perhaps you’ve spent weeks writing your content and now need an outside perspective to spot the finer details and determine whether your messages are clear and speaking to your reader.
The overall experience and look of your website plays a huge role in its success. 
Consistency of your branding and values creates a positive experience for your reader, and your calls to action and use of styling should guide them through your content to your chosen action.
Get in touch to discuss your project needs.
I was lucky enough to have a website audit from Emma, and the depth of insight that she came back with really blew me away. 
 I had thought it would just cover the text, but she looked at how the website created a cohesive story, the links between pages, the branding, the customer journey. 
In a really short timescale, she managed to pull out a number of actionable areas for me to improve on that I wouldn’t have picked out myself. 
I’ll definitely be looking to work with Emma again in the future. 

Website Review

Looking to refresh or update your website content but not sure where to start? Perhaps you aren’t getting the results you want from your website?
A website review is a holistic report of your current website, with guidance and recommendations for further action. A website review will consider:
  • The tone, accuracy and consistency of your copy
  • The user’s experience of your website
  • Is your styling consistent and effective
Price £185
If you are a small or large business owner looking for a proof reader and copy editor I can’t recommend Emma enough. The level of scrutiny over my website copy was beyond my expectations. She did such a thorough job checking that she not only flagged up inconsistencies in spelling, grammar and tone but also made some recommendations for clarity of message.
I feel a lot more confident in developing my website knowing that I can call on Emma again to check any new copy and I will certainly be working with her to develop and proof my copy for courses and e-learning. I love that she flagged some accessibility issues too that I had missed.
Because of her complete documentation I also have a reliable offline clean copy of my website’s copy. She has a really clear and comprehensive approach to working with others that made the process so easy and as a busy start-up founder that’s gold. 
Buttercup Learning

Website Edit

Are you finalising or updating your website copy? A consistent and polished website is one that people want to visit and engage with.
I have three editing services to meet your content needs.
Prices from:
  • £180 (Proofread Basic): check for errors and inconsistencies in spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • £220 (Proofread Extra): basic package + check for clarity of message and correct tone for your audience.
  • £280 (Proofread Plus): extra package + feedback on consistency of formatting and style/branding; check of all links/buttons; check of contact details.
Brilliant service!  I highly recommend Emma to anyone wanting to perfect their online presence.  She was fast, professional, and got straight to the point on the issues I needed to address.  She also went the extra mile explaining in depth how I could optimise my blog post for skimmers (which just about everyone is).  I’d recommend her work in a heartbeat.
Truly Majestic

Power Package

Blogs, emails, social media posts, newsletters, articles… They’re all ways of connecting with your readers and promoting your business. It is important that the tone you use represents your brand and engages your reader. 
Concise, accurate and consistent writing also helps your messages to shine and guides your reader to your desired action.
This package includes a proofread and copy-edit of 4 items up to 1,500 words each. And you mix’n’match! 
This is great package for getting those monthly communications crystal clear.
Price £150

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