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Messaging that stands out

I can’t recommend Emma enough. She has a laser eye when it comes to copy. I feel a lot more confident that my copy for my new site is stronger and more consistent.

Blow your trumpet with confidence


Clear, concise and consistent content for conscious businesses


Are you making a difference with your service or product?
Are you producing lots of written copy that tells your reader about the awesome things you’re doing?
Creating and editing all this content is time-consuming and can become overwhelming if you’re a small business owner. Being able to cast an objective eye over your content and see things from your reader’s perspective is a tricky undertaking when you’ve spent hours writing.
Your message is important – maybe even earth changing – and you need to stand out and reach the right people.

About me

I’m a website editor and proofreader, and I work with businesses who make a difference.
I bring consistency, accuracy and quality to your written content and websites, helping your messages to stand out and saving you time to do what you love.
To get to know me a little better, head over to Instagram where I share regular proofreading tips and posts from other small businesses within the green network.
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Those final checks can be time-consuming. And it’s difficult to spot errors and clarity issues in your own writing. Why not outsource your proofreading?
Whether that’s blog posts, articles, reports, elearning or your book manuscript, get in touch to discuss your content needs.
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Website Edit

Your website is the shop window of your business and creating that polished, professional look can be difficult.
Depending on the level of detail you need, I dive into the details of your website’s copy, styling and functioning.
This can include a full copy-edit of your website copy and the use of screenshot images to highlight style inconsistencies and issues with links or design that may be distracting your readers from your key messages. 

Website Audit

Are you thinking about updating your website but you’re not sure where to start?
I will review your copy and the user experience of your website from your reader’s perspective, giving you clear suggestions and actions to take away. 
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Power Package

Keeping up with regular business communications can be stressful, and finding the time to edit and proofread them can fall to the bottom of the pile.
Why not outsource this stage to take the load off?
With this package you can mix‘n’match four blog posts, emails, newsletters, articles or social media posts for a fixed price. 
I’ve fallen back in love with my website, all thanks to Emma. 
This woman has an attention to detail that the rest of us can only dream of.  

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